To properly provide first aid in case ofia, provoked by hypoglycemic coma, it is necessary to clearly define which of the symptoms of this condition speak of hyperglycemia. With hyperglycemia, as you know, the level of sugar in the blood rises significantly. It is also important to understand the symptoms of hypoglycemia, where blood glucose levels are low. The danger is that both cases require different measures that are directly opposed to each other.

The patient's stay in an unconscious state, as a rule, is accompanied by extensive convulsions. There is no corneal reaction as a response to touch. To bring a person out of a state of hyperglycemic (or diabetic) coma, as quickly as possible, an insulin injection will be required. In most cases, diabetic patients have a first aid kit with them in case of unforeseen circumstances. The first aid kit usually contains everything you need for insulin injections, including cotton wool, dosage instructions, syringes and insulin.

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It is necessary to take into account the fact that patients with diabetes mellitus have reduced immunity, this also applies to such a disease as type 2 diabetes mellitus, and the first type. As a result, it is important to exclude the possibility of infection of the injection areas by any means. Strict insulin aseptic measures are also indispensable. In order for the provision of first aid for hyperglycemic coma in the street to be carried out in accordance with all requirements, it is necessary to initially examine all the things of the patient in order to find a first aid kit with insulin as soon as possible.

If such is found, the introduction of a dose of insulin is required to be made in the shoulder or in the thigh. The dose of insulin should be 50-100 units. As a rule, in patients on the limbs, traces from previous injections are clearly visible, so it will not be difficult to navigate. But doctors strongly recommend. the weight of a single serving of food should not be less than 300 grams. One meal should contain easily digestible carbohydrates, such as juices, fruits and natural jelly. In addition, the patient is recommended to use high-quality alkaline mineral waters.

With hypoglycemia, certain measures should be taken that stabilize and improve the patient's condition. If a sick person is conscious, he will be able to swallow the liquid, we are talking about a sugar solution. To prepare such a solution, you need to dilute 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar in half a glass of water. In the absence of consciousness in a patient, intravenous administration of a 40% glucose solution is indicated as emergency care for hypoglycemic coma. Blood sugar will also rise rapidly if an adrenaline solution is injected subcutaneously - 0.1%, 1 ml.

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Hypoglycemic coma is a pathological condition of the human nervous system caused by an acute shortage of glucose in the blood to nourish brain cells, muscle and other body cells. The state of hypoglycemic coma develops rapidly, resulting in depression of consciousness, all vital functions. In case of untimely provision of the first honey. assistance, conditions that threaten a person�s life are possible. cardiac arrest, failure of the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata.